Our History

One Truck, One Vision

Starting from humble beginnings in Niagara Falls with “one truck, one vision”, original owner and operator of YardMasters, Michael (Mike) Watson wanted more for the community he grew up in.

Mike, a true green-thumb knew that he had the skills and abilities to help beautify the city in which he loved. Starting with the “one truck, one vision” model, Michael began small by cutting lawns and offering trim services before branching into home and commercial landscaping design in 2010.

Since then, the YardMasters team are proud to served thousands of residents of Niagara Falls, along with hotels, commercial complexes and more!

Fast-forward to the year 2014, Mike and his vision for Niagara Falls has once again evolved into a new partnership with fellow Niagara Falls resident and premium contractor Brad Murray. The simple “one truck, one vision” direction of YardMasters has now flourished into a multi-faceted landscaping/ construction team that is proud to employ over 25 individuals with backgrounds in many disciplines ranging from landscape design, stonemasonry, carpentry, and more!

Together, Mike and Brad are once again expanding and reaching out. YardMasters is now recognized throughout the Niagara Region, and well into communities as far as Hamilton. The simple “one truck, one vision” commitment to customer service and providing expert workmanship is the root of all things YardMasters.



Meet the Team

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Mike Watson

As co-owner and operator of YardMasters, Mike offers vision and a dynamic work ethic modelled by each employee on site. Mike, and his hands-on approach, combined with over 14 years’ experience in landscaping and beyond stay true to the humble beginnings and early vision of YardMasters.

Brad Murray

Partnering with YardMasters in 2014, Brad has brought his solid work ethic and practical job vision to all things construction. Brad is committed to customer service, and ensures that YardMasters is not only the first choice for any job…but the only choice!

Candice Corriveau

At the heart of the YardMasters team is Candice. She offers over fifteen years’ experience in customer service, and will be your first and continued contact throughout the planning, implementation and follow-through of all your landscaping, and construction projects.